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  1. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow guabnetdmembrebeddatiridmezarpoxi.coinfo more.
  2. The Breather is a respiratory trainer or respiratory exerciser that improves lung strength and capacity by improving oxygen uptake to vital organs. DRUG-FREE THERAPY FOR COPD, CHF, AND DYSPHAGIA | The Breather is used by those affected by COPD, CHF, dysphagia, and neuromuscular disease/5().
  3. Breather Fit is the high-performance model used by Olympians, Pro Athletes, Special Operators in the armed forces, CrossFitters, Triathletes, Runners, and aspiring Athletes. BENEFITS USING BREATHER FIT Decreases 2 miles run time on avg by 21 sec Delay fatigue carrying a 55lb load Improve cardio performance Reduce post-exercise lactate.
  4. a person who breathes. a vent in a container or covering, as in a casing for machinery or in a storage tank, to equalize interior and exterior pressure, permit entry of air, escape of fumes, or the like.
  5. 1. inhale and exhale, pant, gasp, puff, gulp, wheeze, respire, draw in breath Always breathe through your nose. 2. whisper, say, voice, express, sigh, utter, articulate, murmur He never breathed a word about our conversation. 3. instil, inspire, pass on, inject, impart, infuse, .
  6. 2. a person who breathes in a specified way: a deep breather. 3. (Mechanical Engineering) a vent in a container to equalize internal and external pressure, such as the pipe in the crankcase of an internal-combustion engine 4. a small opening in a room, container, cover, etc, supplying air for ventilation.
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  8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I, the Breather was an American metalcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. Formed by Shawn Spann, Justin Huffman and Morgan Wright in late , the group was signed to Sumerian Records and had released three albums through the label before announcing their disbanding in Genres: Metalcore, Christian metal.

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