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  1. an opportune moment. (Translation of opportune from the PASSWORD English–Spanish Dictionary © K Dictionaries Ltd).
  2. *From a post hoc analysis. † The NCCN defines good performance as Karnofsky Performance Score (KPS) ≥ The trial on which the IFU is based used an eligibility criteria of KPS ≥ 3,5 The NCCN makes no warranties of any kind whatsoever regarding their content, use or application and disclaims any responsibility for their application or use in any way.
  3. Since the meaning of "opportune" is "favorable" or "well-timed," it's easy to guess that the meaning of inopportune means something that is ill-timed or inappropriate. That little prefix in- means "not," and it totally turns the meaning of a word around.
  4. opportune: 1 adj suitable or at a time that is suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose “an opportune place to make camp” “an opportune arrival” Synonyms: advantageous giving an advantage good, right, ripe most suitable or right for a particular purpose seasonable, timely, well timed, well-timed done or happening at.
  5. Opportune shed her cable laying gear at Norfolk the summer of and spent the remainder of the year supporting fleet training operations. After overhaul during the summer of , Opportune visited Scotland in the fall to take in tow a leased Royal Navy lift craft ALC for delivery to Subic Bay, Philippine Islands. She departed Rosyth
  6. Opportune. Texas A&M University. Report this profile; Activity. Day 12, For all practical purposes, a third of my life is already over—irretrievable and wholly unavailable to me. Everyone Title: Consultant at Opportune.
  7. synonym study for opportune 2. Opportune, seasonable, timely refer to something that is particularly fitting or suitable for a certain time. Opportune refers to something that is well-timed and meets exactly the demands of the time or occasion: an opportune .
  8. Jim Hansen is Head of Investment Banking for Opportune Partners LLC, an independent investment banking and financial advisory affiliate of Opportune LLP.
  9. Opportune definition is - suitable or convenient for a particular occurrence. How to use opportune in a sentence.

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